Emigration from the Port of Tralee during the 1800s would not be complete unless the escapades of the famous ship JEANIE JOHNSTON, James Attridge, master, are recorded. The JEANIE JOHNSTON, number 32851, was a seven hundred ton burthen, fast sailing, copper-fastened barque.

It was built in Quebec in 1847 for John Munn. It was later purchased by the Donovans of Tralee, and was chiefly employed in the timber trade, bringing quantities of timber deals, staves, and Indian corn from Quebec in Canada to Tralee.

On its return journeys it was used an an emigrant vessel with accommodation for approximately two hundred passengers.

The JEANIE JOHNSTON was the only ship to leave in 1850, making two journeys to Quebec. On both occasions not a single casualty or accident occurred during the voyage across the Atlantic.

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