Blennerville Windmill Craft Shop

The Shop of Blennerville Windmill is a gift shop located in the historic Blennerville Windmill in County Kerry, Ireland. The windmill itself was built in the early 1800s and was used to grind wheat and barley into flour. Today, the windmill is a popular tourist attraction, offering visitors the opportunity to explore the windmill and learn about its history.

The shop located in the windmill offers a variety of gifts and souvenirs for visitors to purchase. These include books on the history of the windmill and the surrounding area, and other unique items.

A charming and unique stop for anyone interested in history or looking for a special souvenir to remember their visit to County Kerry.

Blennerville Windmill
Windmill Lane, Blennerville, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Opening Hours
9.30 am – 5.00 pm

Collect Souvenirs

The Blennerville Windmill Craft Shop offers a variety of souvenirs for visitors to take home as a reminder of their visit.

Some popular items.


Handcrafted pottery


Wool products


Irish-themed gifts


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We offer a range of fun activities including guided tours and interactive exhibits. Visitors can learn to make their own traditional crafts or participate in baking demonstrations using flour milled on-site.

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